One of our members has identified a rat problem. As our site is in a rural setting, it is likely there will always be rats around but there are things we can do to prevent attracting them and allowing them to nest and multiply. It is every plot holder’s responsibility to ensure they follow these guidelines:

No household waste! Never put meat, dairy, bones, cooked foods or other inappropriate items in your compost bin. This will attract rats and make your bin smell. Fork your compost regularly as rats do not like disturbance.

Plastic compost bins should be given a small gauge wire mesh lining at the base or can be placed on paving slabs to prevent rats from burrowing in underneath.

Do not leave discarded fruit and vegetables on the ground; clear them away to your compost bin, as these are a source of food for rats and other pests.

Do not let your plot become overgrown or allow rubbish to build up e.g. timber, old carpet, stockpiled materials etc, as this provides cover for rats to live under.