Sunflower Competition Results

The competition was to see who could grow the tallest sunflower. We had a dozen entries and there were even some very tall sunflowers on site who hadn’t entered the competition, sadly. However, there was one outstanding sunflower which was over one metre taller than any of its rivals and that belonged to Alan Court on plot 37.

Alan, by the way, won our Best Plot Competition and was very close to winning the Bug Hotel competition. He has also entered the Pumpkin competition and if you glance over his fence, there does appear to be a couple of very large specimens there already! Can nobody beat this man? Alan’s winning sunflower was measured as being 312 cms tall, second place went to Stuart Cook on plot 8a whose sunflower measured 207 cms. Third place went to Emma on plot 9, 182 cms. Our congratulations to Alan and all the competitors for their efforts.