Security & Working Party

Just to remind members that this coming Saturday, 12th November is the first of our two-working party mornings. Chris, our Site-Manager will be on hand to organise the proceedings, he has already asked if you are able to come this weekend, to bring hedge trimming tools please. The North hedgerow needs a trim. Chris will be there between 10 and 12am and refreshments will be available.

Don’t worry if you cannot make this weekend, the whole thing is being repeated on 19th November, same times, same place.

Also, a reminder to please make sure that when you leave the site, to check around to see if you are the last to go and if so, to make sure the padlocks on the gates are secured and not left either open. Or worse still open with the code that opens the padlock on display. The latter being how the padlock was found early one morning this week when there was no-one else on site. We are very lucky to be situated away from any main thoroughfares, although this doesn’t mean we should be any less vigilant with protecting the site and ensuring it is secure. Thank you.