News Updates

Sunflower Competition

Christopher measuring the winning sunflower.

The winner of this years tallest sunflower competition was Rod & VIcky Parker on plot 24. Their sunflower measured 276 cms. In second place was Gill on plot 12 and third was Ric and Nic on Plot 5a. Well done to all those that entered, lets hope for some rain next year and bigger sunflowers!

Largest Tomato

There wasn’t a competition for the largest tomato, however if there was one, this tomato, grown by John on plot 17 would certainly be a contender! It weighed in at one and three quarter pounds, perhaps we should have a competition next year?

Free Herbs

Herb trough outside the Clubhouse

This trough was donated by a member who took over a plot where it had been left and they didn’t have a use for it. Dawn has filled it with herbs and if you need something for your kitchen, then please cut off all that you want. The trough has filled up very quickly so hopefully they will be there for some time.