Dog Fouling

Dog Fouling
The committee is very disappointed to report that over the last couple of weeks there have been several incidences of dog poo left on the grass paths around the site.

Dogs are allowed on site but must be on a lead unless safely enclosed on your plot. If you are walking your dog to and from your plot or around the site, please observe their actions very carefully and ensure you clean up after them. It is not acceptable to leave dog poo anywhere around the site. Please be considerate to your fellow plot holders. Nobody wants to tread in it and many plot holders bring children to the site with them. If you don’t have a poo bag, you will surely have a spade or trowel available on your plot to use to remove it. 

If this fouling continues, we may regrettably have to review allowing dogs on site. This would be a great shame as many owners and their dogs enjoy being there together and do so responsibly.