Some gentle reminders

Please ensure you keep all your plot boundaries weed free. This is a courtesy to all site members. We are particularly concerned about stinging nettles and pernicious weeds. The site is also very prone to sycamore seedlings. Please ensure that you remove any that appear on your plot. We also ask that you tend the site boundary fences/hedges adjacent to your plot, removing nettles, weeds, bindweed etc. 

We have a wonderful site, much admired by all visitors. This is only possible if we all contribute to the general upkeep of the communal areas of the site as well as our own plots. We cannot currently have working parties but you can still contribute. Please note that all society officials are volunteers, including our site manager, Chris Wolley, who spends a tremendous amount of time and energy tending the site. He always has a list of jobs you could undertake. Just ask! Thank you. 

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