Upcoming events & WEB Site news.

This coming weekend (13/14 July) there will be a Working Party at our allotments, where we will aim to get our site looking the very best for the following weekends Annual Open Day. (21st July) There will be plenty of jobs this Saturday & Sunday so everyone can help out regardless of age or ability. As usual we start at 10am, refreshments are of course available, so please do come along on either or both days and lend a hand. Information on the Annual Open Day can be found following :-

You may have noticed that there is a change with our web site. Importantly we now have a new location address as www.hawkinge-allotments.org.uk (A dash is now placed between hawkinge and allotments). Additionally, all previous society email addresses have been changed (e.g chairman@hawkinge-allotments.org.uk). Amongst other benefits, this site has additional security, so please do have a browse around, hopefully you’ll find something new and of interest.

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