Potato Orders

After the success the blight resistant potatoes over the last couple of years we plan to order more for sale to members this year. The cost for these highly blight resistant potatoes is £1.75/kg.  We are trying 2 different varieties this year as well as Kifli.

The 3 varieties available are:

Sarpo Kifli – Salad potato – creamy waxy potato. Sown as early main crop but will produce salad potatoes all season.
Sarpo Axona – Red maincrop (Aug to late Oct). It produces high yields of big regular tubers. Ideal for baking, mashing and roasting. 
 Sarpo Una –2nd Early (Jul – early Oct) Multipurpose variety which can produce nice waxy salad potatoes if harvested early or can be left in ground for a heavy crop of baking potatoes.
There is a lot more information on the Sarpo varieties on the SKEA website http://potatohouse.co.uk. Please let Dawn know your requirements ( treasurer@hawkinge-allotments.org.uk) by the end of December, payment will be cash on delivery.  Delivery is due in January.

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