After the success this year of the blight resistant potatoes we plan to order more this for sale to members. The cost for these highly blight resistant potatoes is £1.50/kg.  The 3 varieties available are: 
Sarpo Kifli – Salad potato – creamy waxy potato. Sown as early main crop but will produce salad potatoes all season.
Sarpo Mira – Pink skinned maincrop, good for baking, mash,  chips and roast. This has the highest blight resistance.
 Blue Danube – Early main crop (Aug/Sep). It is good for roast, mash and chips. Quoted as the “best roast potato ever” See http://sarpo.co.uk/portfolio/sarpo-blue-danube/. . 
There is a lot more information on the Sarpo website  http://sarpo.co.uk and on the leaflets that we have in the clubhouse.   Please let Dawn know your requirements ( treasurer@hawkinge-allotments.org.uk) by the end of December, payment will be cash on delivery.  Delivery is due in January. 

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