Membership renewal

Our treasurer, Dawn, will soon be preparing your bill for 2018, there is no need to worry about payment just yet, it is not due until you actual receive the account. However, we would ask all members to let us know sooner rather than later if they do not intend to continue with their plot next year. We have had several resignations in the last couple of weeks and it is always sad to see people moving on for whatever the reason. In some cases it is people moving away, or circumstances in their life have changed and they are unable to carry on with an allotment. Sometimes we only find out this information when we enquire or when we start the Abandoned Plots Policy because a plot is becoming neglected. As a management committee, we have busy lives too and don’t always have the ability to email and/or phone members who are not tending their plots as well as all the other duties we have to perform.

So, please if you are struggling with you plot, for whatever reason, please let a member of the committee know at the earliest opportunity and if we can help we will and if we know there is a problem we are at least aware of it and can act accordingly. And if you are thinking of leaving, please let us know as soon as possible.

While we have your attention, time to remind you that this Sunday, 1st October, is our last Coffee Morning of the year. So please come and join us if you can, the weather forecast is not great, it is at least dry in the Clubhouse and there will be cake! From 10am to 12 noon.

Thank you



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