Blackleg Potato Blight

As already mentioned in the recent newsletter, many plot holders are experiencing Blackleg on their potatoes and we are being asked what action to take. Doug on plot 21 has been doing some research and briefly this is what he suggests:

“The key is ensure you clear the ground of any remaining potatoes, leaves or stalks. These should be disposed of carefully (do not put them in your composter) either burn or dispose of in household waste, i.e bag up the brown/yellow/green or even black carnage that is left over and take home and put in the household waste bin, or the local tip. The key here is “household waste” not green waste that ends up as compost. The jobs worth at the council tip may not understand you tipping green into the general waste but if he goes off at you, just say you are saving the country from a potato famine and that under new Brexit rules potatoes are at high risk of European contamination. “I made that bit up” well sort of….. there is some truth in there.

“Anyway back to your crops. Continue to manage good crop rotation i.e. do not put potatoes in there again next year, ideally not for three or even better 4 years. How big is your plot ???

“Suggested crops have been, late salad crops, carrots ! or spend some time conditioning the soil. Take a look at your mid summer sowing guide. “

A lot more information is available on Wikipedia, follow this link:

 We hope this helps.

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