Manure and Grass Cutting

Our Site Manager has two important items that he wishes to bring to our members attention as follows …
1. Manure – As you have probably seen all 3 manure bins are now full. The manure in the middle bin is ready to be used, however, we do not want to uncover it whilst there is still so much heavy rain. If you need any manure please uncover the front of the pile, remove your manure and then recover.  Note .The first bin of manure is not ready for use and will be covered as soon as the weather permits. 
2. Grass cutting – Thank you to all those people who have signed up to cut the grass again this year. However, we do need more volunteers so that people only have to cut the grass once. Please drop me an email ( if you are able to help. Remember that we will have a nice new shiny red sit on mower for you to use.
Thank you for your co-operation.

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