Hawkinge House – Help Wanted

Hawkinge House have asked if there are any of our members willing to help and advise them on planting and growing vegetables in their raised beds. This will involve helping to get them started with planting and the general maintenance as needed.  I envisage that once they are up and running some of the residents may have enough knowledge to take it forward. 

Are there any members willing to offer the odd couple of hours? If so please contact me (treasurer@hawkinge-allotments.org.uk) and we can put together a plan. 

Hawkinge House have a number of very nice raised beds and a little greenhouse but the staff member who is responsible for this activity has virtually no knowledge of gardening. I have offered advice on what they can grow and what equipment/seeds etc they need to buy. The beds will be tended by the elderly and frail residents and the residents with Alzheimers.

Thank you, Dawn

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