Kent Allotments and Garden Society Competitions

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending the Kent Allotments and Garden Societies (KAGS) AGM to receive 3 trophies on behalf of our Society as winners of three categories of competitions we had entered during the summer. The trophies are as follows:-


Back left: The Wilf Screes Cup awarded for the 2nd best allotment site in Kent 2015.

Back Right: The Medway Cup awarded to the Allotments with the highest aggregate score for the 10 best individual plots on a site.

Centre front: The Norman Overton Trophy (Rose Bowl) awarded to the runner-up of the individual best plot in Kent, awarded to John Meloy of Hawkinge, Plot 17.

Out of 6 trophies presented yesterday, HAS won 3, so a fantastic effort by everybody that we can all take pride in.

Sadly at the AGM the Officers had tabled a motion to wind up the Society (KAGS) as they were finding it increasingly difficult to maintain the Society and there was nobody coming along who was willing to take their place. So it was put to the vote and the majority agreed to close down the society. There are some logistics involved in this process and there will be a EGM sometime in early 2016 when we shall hear what they will do with their funds and the trophies presented yesterday.

Nick Lord (Chairman)

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