Resignation Letter from Nick Lord

Letter from Nick Lord, Chairman, Hawkinge Allotment Society
25th Sept 2015

During the last 8 months in my role as Chairman, I have given up a lot of my own time to the post, much more than I envisaged when I first took on the role in February. For this reason and because of other interests that I wish to pursue, I feel I am unable to give my full commitment to the position, and therefore after the AGM in January 2016 I will have to vacate the post. Therefore, please accept this letter as due notice of my resignation from that date.

I inherited the role of Chair from Ray Ashdown at the last AGM and prior to that Ray and the Committee had gone through the tasks that were performed by the Chairman and some of them were designated to other members of the committee to lighten the load on the Chair. This has proved very successful, however there is still a lot of work that the Chairman does that could be shared if there were people prepared to help out. At the Committee meeting earlier this week, when I made known my intentions to them, it was thought that the appointment of a Vice-Chair would ease some of the committee work and also a new position of a Webmaster who would take the responsibility of maintaining and posting information on the Society’s website. This latter position need not necessarily be a committee member, just a member of the Society who has a particular skill in IT. Currently, none of the existing committee members feel they can commit to any of these roles with the possible exception of Vice-Chair.

At the committee meeting on Tuesday it was decided that we would hold an open meeting for members who would be interested in filling one of these posts, Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Webmaster at 7:00pm on Tuesday 24th November 2015 at Doug Martin’s house. If you would like to come to the meeting to hear about how you can step into one of these important roles please let me know.

Nick Lord
Tel 01303 892732
Mob 07890 328367



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