HAS Shop

Alan & Eileen have been very busy over the last couple of months preparing plants for the shop and the latest batch contains the following:

Most plants in small pots, Mange Tout, Sweet Peas, Garlic, Onions, Parsley and Runner Beans, Primrose and Sweet Williams are 20p a pot.

Blackcurrants £1.00, Rhubarb £2.00, Tomatoes and Petunias 50p a pot, Sweet Corn 25p a pot. They also have Growmore  a 2kg bag is just £2.00

There is an honesty box on the table and members are trusted to leave the appropriate money for their purchases. We know sometimes members see something they would like but don’t have any money with them. If you do take something without paying, please remember to bring the money with you next time and if you can, please write an IOU and leave it in the tin.

If you do think that you would like some of the above, take some money with you and be there soon as Eileen and Alan are away for a week from 20th May and they won’t be there to top up the stocks.

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