Bee Activity – Shift of Hive

Update 9 June The hive will be unsealed tonight. Bees will hopefully go about their business tomorrow with no problems to members.
Update.  The hive was successfully shifted tonight away from plot 22A and is now located in the wooded area. The hive will be sealed for 72 hours to  safeguard against the bees getting lost on their travels and going back to the wrong home.
Please note that due to several bee incidents occurring over the last couple of days it has been decided that the bee hive currently located on plot 22A will be shifted tonight. Hopefully this will resolve the issue, however the HAS committee will continue to monitor situation to ensure members are not being put at any undue risk.  Whilst this shift occurs tonight (after 7.30 pm) members are advised to be cautious if attending their plot. A further update to this post will be made to advise of the new location.

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